so swag
"hey have you heard of woah"
"yeah shes so cool"
"i know"
by sakurasawa October 08, 2020
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Used to represent something like you are surprised and the period is there because it can.
A normal person: reiogjfrei9jgwri9jgw9re0ujgyr90tigjr9efijg9irujg4t9rgj

Me: woah.
by poloroloye February 01, 2020
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A dance with your hands when you move your hands in a circle one after the other. Its done whenever someone feels.
by NanyaBussiness April 18, 2019
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The Woah is a dance deriving from Texas in which the dancer typically leans into a freeze on the beat by making a swift move with their fists. When someone does the "woah", there is usually a saying that is said before doing this motion that goes like "UH WOAHH". Periodt

Not even the music:


| 😳


/ \

/ \
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by mynameisnowonurban April 11, 2019
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The Woah is a fun dance originating from a popular music app
I can hit the Woah so hard!
The Woah is such a fun dance!
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by everette_p_05 May 06, 2019
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Normally a positive surprise to something unexpected
Woah that tasted better than I though it would.
by Srryy December 29, 2018
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