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1)orginated as "jiggaboo", an insult or racial slur applied to black people who were just a little wilder than the rest
2)later on, like the 80's, only certain blacks, and maybe even other races, were reffered to as jigga(boos), usually pimps or others who had a wild style
3)a person, place,thing that is jiggy, fly, fresh (when jiggaboo style came to be appreciated and hip-hop culture started to evolve)
4) one who has nice jewelery or clothing... jayZ calls himself jigga for a reason!
1) "turn off that jiggaboo station!!" -My grandpaw reffering to an oldie station playing James Brown
by shockley May 22, 2003

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adj.1) down for whatever 2) all about any or all of the hood, being gangsta, keepin it real, being hard or serious
3) generally better or more "all about" whatever is being compared
4) made popular and possibly coined by Master P down south on his frist hit single (besides 'ice cream man') "bout it"-- check the song

noun: term used by many wank/wangsters; real cats say "i been bout it"
~ "you wanna knock these niggas out?" - "i'm bout it"
~ "i wouldn't fuck with that cat if i were you, dat boy is bout it"
~ "Them hoes can't front, they know J-lo's ass is (mo') bout it!"
~ "you bout it? i'm bout it, bout it. We'll say you're 'bout it,' if you're bout it, bout it" -Master P
by shockley May 22, 2003

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1) wanna be gangster

2) if you're from the new orleans metro area you know west bank cats as wanksters or maybe even wankers, from "the wank", or the West Bank. this can be negative or positive; many West Bank people indulge in being reffered to as such because they're reppin their hood (such as the way i like being called a honky or cracker because i'm proud of being white), on the other hand West Bank people are usually stereotyped as lower-class or just not as in style as the rest of us :-p
by shockley May 22, 2003

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adj.1) anything that's hot, ill, dope fresh, tight, et al. Introduced by Black Rob

noun 2) short for woahday/wodie. A wodie is a friend, partner, compadre, or just a pleasurable acquiantance. This term definitely came from Juvenile... it seems to have started off as describing things as "woah", things that give off a "wow/woah" reaction then became a greeting for meeting pleasurable people "woah!" instead of "hey!", then somehow evolved into a name for those pleasurable people.
1) "anything ill you see, that shit is woah"-BLack Rob 'like woah'
2) "what's up woooahh?" "what's happenin wooahdie?"
by shockley May 22, 2003

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