A 30+ year old virgin.
James became 30 on February 2nd, 2012 and was still a virgin. He was now a wizard, and so he decided to post the definition on urban dictionary.
by herpaderpajerka February 2, 2012
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A person who does magic stuff and knows how to cast spells and whatnot.
Child 1: "Hello good Sir!"
Wizard: "Greetings."
Child 2: "Are you a wizard?"
Wizard (points his wand at Child 1): "Hocus Pocus!"
Child 1(screams then disappears into thin air): "AAH!!!"
Child 2: "Wow!!! So you are a wizard!"
by idefinestuffyoudontknowabout February 9, 2023
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When something is cool, awesome, or epic but on a higher level where such words would be unable to describe it.
Alfred: Mr. Wayne sir adding a cape to your costume would be so wizard....
by HolidayAwesomeGuy February 9, 2012
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nickname for military psychologists and psychiatrists, which signifies these individuals‘ seemingly magical ability to make a service member disappear from the military after having diagnosed him or her with a serious mental disorder.
The wizard got that coporal discharged from the marine corps.
by littlegene October 21, 2010
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Someone who knows everything there is to know about drugs. Capable of giving you any advice you need so you dont O.D. or have a bad trip.
FatSac: I wonder if these shrooms are any good
BigDaddyKane: I dont know lets call the wizard (a.k.a. Jake Ivy)
by Zach & Ethan January 30, 2004
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Used to describe some kind of social deviant, someone dirty, unsuccessful, poor, weird looking, ugly, greasy etc.
Holy fuck Matt, look at that wizard!

Damn! Look at all that UFC shirt!
by Pantera99 September 23, 2009
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A term used to denote marijuana. Best used whilst in front of authority figures, or when making a simple jest to a friend. Due to the obvious magic inducing powers of marijuana, those who partake of it become witches and warlocks themselves.

"Fuck yeah man, we're about to get magical."
by The Morganic Morganism April 11, 2010
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