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A person who does magic stuff and knows how to cast spells and whatnot.
Child 1: "Hello good Sir!"
Wizard: "Greetings."
Child 2: "Are you a wizard?"
Wizard (points his wand at Child 1): "Hocus Pocus!"
Child 1(screams then disappears into thin air): "AAH!!!"
Child 2: "Wow!!! So you are a wizard!"
by idefinestuffyoudontknowabout February 9, 2023
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Well, this should be a non-literal phrase. It means to be mad and irritated at someone, so you might want to do something to get at them. If they actually mean it... well, take good care of your head.
Definition (literal) of: Bite someone's head off:
Person(?) 1: That guy is annoying.
Person 2: Yeah, sure is...
Person(?) 1: I'm gonna bite his fucking head off.
Person 2: Go for it!
Person(?) 1: ...
Person 2: Oh, you meant literally...? WAIT WHA-
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