A word that Jojo Siwa thinks exists, but doesn't
So, I have two really big hair pet peeves. One of them is wispies, and two is I can't handle even when there's like-- one non-straight piece of my hair.
by SomeGayNigga September 3, 2018
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A dirty thin feathery native mustache, common amongst tradition native Americans and Mexicans
Hey Victor, "your mustache is coming in real wispy"
Why do all native Americans have wispy mustaches?
by Prince rupert July 2, 2015
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wispies are the short fuzzy hairs that grow just below a guy's navel and run down to his bush.
I'm blond with blue eyes -- even my wispies are almost invisible!
by USAF Cadet February 15, 2021
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A word to describe someone who doesn’t talk much but is actually really cool of you get to know them. It is common for this person to enjoy Science Fiction films
You know Alan, He’s kind of Wispy”
by December 11, 2020
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