The Wisemen
Subsect of the St. Louis based C.W.B gang. The primary members of this facet are “C-Note”, “The Reverend”, “The Captain”, “BBD”, “The Journeyman”, “A-Sauce”, and, occasionally “Silent-G”, “J-Shizz”, and “The Tone”. This sect, in contrast to “The Lair Boys” is strangely, focused more on philosophical introspection, Buddhist enlightenment, and exploring the self and the interpersonal relationship.
In contrast to their counterparts, as well as counter PRESENCE “The Lair Boys”, “The Wisemen” mostly bask in the calm atmosphere as opposed to the party one. They are all rumored to be gifted lovers which makes sense as they supposedly spend most of their time discussing the intricacies of sex.
Although they are still members of the CWB and hence, an exclusive organization, this sect is the more hospitable one, and if you come to their meetings with an open mind, a fresh pack of cigarettes and a suit and tie, chances are you will not be met with hostility
I chilled with the wisemen tonight, i'm feelin zen and enlightened, now lets go get drunk and find some hoes
by eubert October 26, 2004
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For the three drugs that I’ll be needing by my bedside if I get the Cancer. (Morphy)Morphine (Fenty)Fentanyl And (Oxy)OxyContin
If I get the cancer, I’m gonna need The Three Wisemen sitting right next to my ass
by Brushyourhair August 26, 2018
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