Wisdom teeth are stupid and they never do what you want them to without putting you through agonies of pain
by rooneyt October 8, 2011
A way for dentists to make a shit load of money within a few minuits. O and as an added bonus it hurts like fuck!!! but kinda fun when you first wake up.... cuz your stoned!!!
Dentis: ok now count back from 100...

you: 99...98.... sleep......

Dentis: O.K. boys lets get out the power tools this ones gonna be good.

miniuts later... Wisdom teeth removed.

you: What happened and how the fuck did I get my shoes on???
by The crazy Italian April 16, 2010
a way for dentists to get you to stop smoking for a week
dude: hey man wanna go smoke a bowl?
guy: no man I cant I just got my wisdom teeth out
by captain cheesebeard July 26, 2008
In the 18th century parents didnt have money to get teeth pulled for their children so they came up with a fable, that if you keep your teeth in and fight through the pain you would come out wiser.
Oi, did you get those wisdom teeth pulled yet mate?

No, I want to keep my wisdom inside my head.
by Dekerian May 9, 2010
Proof of evolution. ­­­­ ­­­­
If God created humans, then why did he create something so useless as wisdom teeth?
by not found [Error 404] May 24, 2007
Jack:I'm so smart! I'm yoda wise now!
Jack:I got my wisdom teeth!
Harry: *scoffs* you weren't acting yoda wise at all, when you got them removed more of a jar jar binks wisdom
by Crypti September 20, 2019
A bad joke. God has a bad sense of humor. Sometimes God needs a good beating
Wisdom teeth serve no purpose other than to annoy the fuck out of you. And when they are removed...you may want to commit suicide.
by Ronnoc Yadim December 21, 2020