A Member from Nct (Korean Group). Who deserves Lines. If he doesn't get lines in Nct China I'm going to sue Sm Entertainment
Person1: Have you seen Winwin?
Person2: Yes that boy needs some Lines or I'm going to burn Sm Entertainment down
by StanLoonaStanTalent October 27, 2018
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Chinese member of NCT 127.
also know as Dong Sicheng or The man who sang "Woop woop" in Fire Truck.

Loves Ice Cream more than anything

Lee Taeyong and Nakamoto Yuta fight for his love.

A whole visual with so much talent he deserve so much omg I will cry for him
"SM give Winwin more lines you Motherf*cker"
by peche_melbaa August 29, 2017
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Winwin is the cutest person on earth. Winwin known as Little Flower from Wenzhou, China. He is a super talented person that holds a big dream. He had such a cute smile. He is a genius at dance and at mathematic. Wow! Winwin is so charming, he can be cute, cool, and charismatic at the same time. Winwin is a fun person, he has that magnet surrounding him!
Person 1: Do you know Winwin?
Person 2: Yes, he is the cutest person on earth
by LittleFlowerStalk November 24, 2021
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Use with someone name winwin
by NamTip November 21, 2021
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