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Short for "just random everyday", JRE is half of the kpop reaction channel, JREKML. As of 2017, his channel has over one million subscribers, making it YouTube's most popular kpop reaction channel.
Friend1: Did you see JRE's new reaction video?
Friend2: Yeah, it's so funny! I love his commentary!
by composure_____ December 3, 2017
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JREKML is a kpop reaction channel made up of JRE and his cousin KML. The duo posts reactions to kpop music videos, as well as the occasional vlog. As of 2017, the channel has over one million subscribers, making JREKML YouTube's most popular kpop reaction channel.
Friend1: Hey, have you heard of that channel, JREKML?
Friend2: Yeah, I subscribed! I love their videos!
by composure_____ December 4, 2017
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Christian Yu is a former member of now-disbanded kpop group C-Clown, but is best known as the flaming hot Australian that works for Dream Perfect Regime, an independent label. He is also the creative force behind some of South Korea's best music videos.
Friend1: Have you heard of Christian Yu?
Friend2: You mean that flaming hot Australian guy with hella talent? Hell fucking yes.
by composure_____ December 25, 2017
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Commonly mistaken as more than one person, Hong Dabin, aka DPR LIVE is an extremely talented Korean rapper who is absolutely brimming with god-tier sexiness. His first album was released in March 2017. Dabin is signed to Dream Perfect Regime, a quality independent label that has flaming hot Christian Yu as its creative force.
Friend1: Have you heard of DPR LIVE?
Friend2: Isn't that a group or something?
Friend1: No! DPR LIVE is a solo artist! Homie is brimming with talent and hotness!
by composure_____ November 30, 2018
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Also known as DPR. An independent, multi-genre music and video group that produces, directs, and edits a wide variety of music. Their creative force is lead by a flaming hot Australian that goes by Christian Yu. They also have an artist called DPR Live, who is equally as sexy and talented.
Friend1: I'm getting into to this new music label.
Friend2: What it called?
Friend1: Dream Perfect Regime. They have some sexy men.
by composure_____ December 4, 2017
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The stage name of Dong Si Cheng, a Chinese member of NCT, a South-Korean boy group. He was born on October 28, 1997 and is currently signed to SM Entertainment. TLDR; a handsome man child with tons of talent.
Friend1: That kpop group NCT has a new member named WinWin!
Friend2: Yeah, he's talented and good looking, yet he somehow looks younger than me!
Friend1: What a cinnamon roll!
by composure_____ December 26, 2017
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