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A girl who is strung along by a boy during the Wintertime purely for sexual gratification, to be inevitably dumped in the Summertime when the going is easy.

If the girl falls in love too soon, is high-maintenance, or pleads to spend more time with her boyfriend than he is willing to offer, the relationship may end abruptly, shortly before Xmas or Valentines Day. But if the girl finds conditions to be congenial and bites her tongue the relationship will run early- to mid-Summer, at which point she is discarded so her ex-boyfriend can go on the holiday he secretly booked solely for himself when they were still together.
Dylan: You're the perfect winter warmer
Kristine: What did you just call me?
Dylan: Oops! I mean, we'll always be together
Kristine: Promise?
Dylan: Yeah sure :p
by Raxteri January 10, 2012
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An individual (typically female) who unwittingly enters into a part-time relationship during the coldest season of the year, as drinking establishments close early and opportunities for casual sex become less available yet prohibitively more expensive, merely to satisfy someone's needs.
Distinctive pattern of a winter warmer:

- (Autumn equinox)
- Boy snares girl
- Boy invites girl to residence for sex
- (moment of climax)
- Boy turns on Sports News channel
- Girl gets bored and goes home
- Boy smiles
- (Spring equinox)
- Boy ends relationship, goes nightclubbing
by One Unintended January 07, 2012
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When it is a very cold night and you masturbate underneath your bedsheets simultaneously keeping you warm during those freezing winter nights
Bob:I’m legitimately shivering in my bed.Guess I will need a winter warmer to fix it.
by Phatrus June 11, 2018
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