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(verb) the action of fingering a girl, and then pulling out and smelling the finger, and quoting this line " (year she was born) What an exquisite year ! ", or anything along those lines.
wine tasting ex. Ed was fingering a girl when suddenly he stopped and smelled his finger and said "1989! What an exquisite year !" ; Yeah JP was fingering me and then stopped and said " 1988! What a fine year!"
by Edwin II February 11, 2008
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n. sport that consists of skillfully travleing from one vineyard to anther in a small area and sampling a variety of fermented grape juice. The winner is one who paces themselves enough that they don't fall down or throw up.
We need to pace ourselves if we are winetasting at 7 vineyards today.
by tinybrat May 06, 2009
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