When one has reached the maximum level of being stoned & is compelled to leave unexpectedly out of fear of themselves.
Hey sorry I bailed last night without saying goodbye or grabbing my shit; I saw my window of opportunity.
by Daisy Dunham May 25, 2020
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when you are giving it to a chick doggy style in front of a window; you are both facing the window. You pull out and let a friend take over while you run outside and wave to the chick you were nailing through the window while your friend is doing her. She will be very confused after this.
oh dude, last night jessica freaked out when josh and I gave her the window of opportunity.
by Greenranger December 31, 2008
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A time where the chance for action (usually, but not always, sexual in nature) arises. When one sees such a chance, one must grab it (or, if you will, jump through the window of opportunity).
1. The Sexual Window of Opportunity. . .
Where one comes across a girl drinking a pint, and casually slips her a tab of rohypnol, thus creating a window of opportunity for easy sex later.

2. The non-Sexual Window of Opportunity. . .
Where one sees and old lady struggling with heavy shopping, the window of opportunity arises to help her. Remove a baguette, whack her over the head, and take her purse and sausages.
by Jeffrey Douglas January 27, 2007
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That may be so, but is said window actually **open** for you to "acceptably" pass through it, or do you hafta BREAK THE GLASS to get in? Figurative speech, of course --- what it means, obviously, is that not every opportunity you may encounter was meant to be taken, ya know --- just because you CAN do something self-enriching doesn't mean that you SHOULD... for example, if someone has accidentally revealed a "privileged" tidbit of information, that is **not** implied or actual permission for you to utilize said info for your own benefit! Or maybe someone did indeed unknowingly leave something of value just lying around, but that doesn't give you the right to simply take it! Before you just "go grabbing" in cases like this, pause a moment to run the idea though your "Golden Rule analyzer" --- in other words, consider if this would really be fair to everyone involved, especially if you have no quarrel or resentment against said careless person, and therefore you would not be inclined to perform vengeful actions against him! And ask yourself what YOU would want done in an instance like this if YOU had been the one who had inadvertently exposed himself to possible loss or humiliation like this... would you want someone else to just gleefully avail himself of said "blood-opportunity", or would you strongly prefer an observer to just promptly inform you of your error so that you could hastily correct it???
Some repairmen had unwittingly neglected to observe a loose door-latch on a side-entrance to a public-assembly building that I had always enjoyed visiting, and so my initial knee-jerk reaction was to think, "I see a window of opportunity!" in that this unsecured door meant that I could secretly access said meeting-house whenever I wished, even when it was locked up. But then I remembered how kind and generous and accommodating the officials of said establishment had always been to me, and so I forlornly forfeited said "wonderful option" and "did the right thing" instead --- I immediately speed-waked downtown and informed one of the community's seniors about the defective lock. He was extremely grateful to me, warmly praised me for my conscientiousness, and even graciously gave me one-time permission to utilize said unsecured door to slip back inside the now-closed building and finish making a movie ("You may even turn some lights back on to brighten up the room enough for your camera!") of the hall's delightful interior furnishings, even though it was technically "after hours" and so nobody else was there.
by QuacksO September 12, 2019
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