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A rather isolated area in the city of San Ramon, CA in the East Bay Area. A neighborhood of upper middle-class houses fill the area (like much of San Ramon), yet if you look closely enough a few low-income apartment complexes (also see affordable housing) are tucked away behind walls, and inbetween other, higher-income complexes. There is relatively nothing to do, nor are there any stores or restaraunts. Shopping or eating usually requires of a 10 minute drive either north or south on Bollinger Canyon. This also seems to be one of the few areas of San Ramon that cops do not completely infest, but they will still be more than happy to show up on your doorstep for a simple noise complaint. The newly-constructed library and community center attempt to provide some sort of entertainment for the residents of the Windemere area. However, any students or young adults resort to alcohol, weed, ectsasy, or other drugs to pass the time. A highschool is under construction and DVC (Diablo Valley College) is opening a campus nearby as well.
Rob moved to Windemere but was bored. Rob overdosed on crystal meth.
by Windemere Resident October 25, 2006
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A wealthy town in Florida.

Most of the really rich people live in Isle Worth, a neighborhood where the houses are all well over a million dollars. Famous residents inlcude Tiger Woods and Shaq.

A lot of upper middle class people live in Windemere, but they live closer to Gotha. Most of the houses in this area are stucco.

Its a nice place to live, but its a little stepfordish.

I used to live in Windemere and its pretty boring there.
by holly the ginger kid. August 25, 2007
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