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Otherwise known as DVC, it is a community college situated in Pleasant Hill, CA. It's known for its curve-destroying over achieving Asian students, inability to find a parking spot after 8AM, poorly designed buildings complete with an insufficient number of restrooms and flimsy feeling floors that reverberate your foot steps, incredibly long waiting lists for classes, and proximity to In N Out Burger.
Yu-Wang: "I have a 10:00 AM Calculus 3 class this semester at Diablo Valley College."

Xien: "You better arrive at 6:30 AM if you want to find a parking spot!"

Yu-Wang: "Good idea. It will give me a chance to get 4 chapters ahead in my Calc book."

Xien: "Only 4 chapters? Enjoy your B."
by EverettR February 19, 2013
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