Anyone who breaks wind, either accidently or intentionally, e.g. for competitive purposes.
Shortly after a meal of sauerkraut, beans and beer, I turn into a real windbreaker
by Crappy Chris March 26, 2010
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FBI agents, or any other security / law force that wear raid jackets (i.e. DEA).
I'm afraid that Windbreakers could break in my office one day.
by dieguin April 16, 2018
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This word can be used to describes the space in between a ladies breasts. This space can be used for a number of things; Windbreakers is defined to specifically describe the process of using this space to light cigarettes in windy conditions.
I need a smoke, hook me up with those windbreakers princess, its way too windy on this damn boat deck
by papabadger September 05, 2010
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Good looking females that group up on ladies night in pack of three or more that look so fine, They take your breath away. They make your say (sheewww)
OMG boys. Take a look at those Windbreakers heading our way! So fine! Wtf Jimmy Breath!! Man down!!!
by StopChristopher July 14, 2017
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what my friends wear to school.

an insult

a funny word

when someone farts
ur such a windbreaker.

im wearing my new windbreaker tomorrow!
by Flamyc May 11, 2010
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A large nose that deflects any incoming wind, typically located on a jews face.
That Jew has a windbreaker nose.
by Dankassmemes June 03, 2015
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When the booty is separated from your hand by only a thin sheet of windbreaker like material or thin feeling pants.
Danny was surprised to discover Justin's windbreaker booty when he gave him a congratulatory slap on his behind.
by Tony Two Tone May 02, 2010
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