The appropriate phrase to use in battle which means that a soldier in your group is lying on the ground. This has been twisted into Caribbean slang to signify the same thing in context but with literal meaning and sometimes physical. Usually as an answer or response to a situation where a person doesn’t overcome the obstacle in it’s path
Guy1: Wha you geh do on tha test brudda?
Guy2:*Hand Gesture* MAN DOWN!

Scene: A gang of dudes chilling outside talking Shit when somebody happens to fall in a humorous but serious manner,
Someone yells: MAN DOWN!
Similar to the word TEK OUT
by Kyle Warrican November 27, 2003
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The opposite of "Man up." To shy away from one's manly responsibilities.
Like the time, when you were supposed to pick up the beer for the game, and instead you spent the morning at Bed Bath & Beyond with your fiancee, and when you got to your buddy's apartment for the game they had pizza but no beer, and everyone said, "Dude, you really went man down on this one. How's about you man up and go get the beer?"
by Poe Toaster September 25, 2013
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drop the soup bowl...
fall ass over tits...
pass wind in a public place...
obviously have nothing better to say...
kid is walkin along when suddenly he begins to stumble...
kid' whooo aa wooaa ooo
kid falls over
J' MAN DOWN !!! TAXIE !!! somebody get this kid a beer
by J April 1, 2005
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Whenever You Get Some You Yell MAN DOWN! So that Your Room Mates Can Hear You. Or You Can Post It On A Social Network Such as FACEBOOK Or TWITTER.

Origination- Santa Maria, California.
Status:MAN DOWN!!

Comment:Thats My Dogg
Comment:Was It That Gummy You Were With Earlier?
Comment:Get Some!!
by Nephew! February 17, 2011
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(verb) Throwing something to the floor, and yelling 'man-down!' to alert everyone below of the falling object.
Hope man-down'd everything in her bunk when she was schwasted last night.
by cannuhhduhh April 28, 2009
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the phrase yelled in response to males performing effeminate acts, possibly of the homosexual nature.
Ex: Hey Guy's I Just Baked Cookies Want Some? Man Down!

Ex: I don't like SOCOM its too graphic. Man Down!

Ex: I know the games on but can you turn back to Gilmore Girls real quick. Man Down!

Ex: I'll just have a light beer. Man Down!

Ex: Supersize? No thank you. Man Down!
by bringonthetrumpets December 5, 2009
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A state of being usually achieved though consumption of large amounts of alcohol, although this is not always the case if the victim is piss weak. Symptomes include but are not limited to: excessive vomitting, unintelligle and or severly slurred speach, limited vision, negligable hand eye co-ordination and an unquencable desire to hug the ground or...."go to sleep"
Look out, Dug is going "Man Down" he's just punched that table of empty liqour bottles and is now face down in the dirt, covered in blood and semen.
by Brent and Ben January 30, 2005
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