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A mentally retarded Shit Stained Schumacher that is my great uncle. We call him SNUF (Special Needs Uncle Fred). He is the legend that supplies us with our SNUF Bags with 20 packets of lovely Hill Biscuits in each one. When there is a beeping noise that is really getting on his nerves, he will decribe it as "BANG, BANG, BANG!" while using the F word excessively. He has an unbeleivably high amount of certain household objects such as: 84 bog rolls, 13 bags of sugar, 100 yellow dusters for drying the pots and for his cap, 1100 tea bags, 800 weetabix, and 100 packets of Hill biscuits.
Lets look in the SNUF Bags, woohoo! A bag of crisps! And, ahhh, only 20 packets of Hill Biscuits. Why Willo, WHY?????
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aussie slang for a top bloke, a true blue aussie

common aussie nickname for anyone with the surname williamson
wilson etc
popularised by country singer john williamson who sings the unofficial aussie anthem "true blue"
that willo's got a heart of gold, a true aussie champion
by schooner21 November 16, 2010
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To completely trump and one-up any story ever told by your friends, family, or complete stranger you just met. You are basically the greatest person alive.
"Oh man those shoes are gay."

"Hell no, my shoes are so much gayer."

"alright you fuckin willo."
by New Paltz April 20, 2009
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Super attractive lady who is exceptionally funny and good with men.
"man that chick is soooo willo"

"oooo that girls lookin willo tonight"

"ladies, we are going to willo it up!"
by willopalooza February 04, 2009
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