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Willingboro is a small town in Burlington County New Jersey. A Jersey suburb of Philadelphia, roughly 5 miles north of Camden. The town is defined by its parks, each named to reference a different neighborhood. Some older white families still live in Willingboro, but mostly young African-American and immigrant families reside here. A lot of kids refer to the town as 'da 'boro'. Willingboro might have the best tap water in all of South Jersey.
Carl: "Yo kid, you from da 'boro? What park?"
Mike: "reppin' Twin Hills, homie"

ahh, Willingboro...
by Mils November 12, 2005
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A boring town in Burlington County, New Jersey. Mostly African Americans that think they are ghetto just because
their parents are from Trenton or Philly. They didn't even have apartments until a few months ago, only houses.
Wake up! You live in Willingboro, one of the most wealthy minority communties in NJ. Crime rate is non-existant.
by chastity December 25, 2005
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Town in New Jersey that sucks even worse than Cinnaminson, Burlington, and Lumberton. People who live here go to other towns to party. AKA: The 'Boro.
You live in the 'Boro? That sucks...
by Slyder February 06, 2005
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one who "boro's" his head into another's snitch until said person explodes in glee. Afterwards, the one that has just given stands up and the one that has just received asks, "May I give you a humdinger?" And the person says, "Are you willing?"
I'll never forget that night I performed a textbook "willingboro". After I boro'ed the crap out of her, she was willing to give me a humdinger.
by Alan Flozenstein June 28, 2007
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