A person who has unlimited emails. He has too much time on his hands. He doesn't like his own identity so he has to make everyone's lives miserable.
Wiley: Who should I pick on today?
by Saints66 August 5, 2023
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A great guy, every girl loves. He is sweet, smart, athletic, cute, caring, funny, and more than perfect.Every guy wants to be a Wiley.
by Hailey13lisak February 18, 2015
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literally the best person you’ll ever meet. super duper smart, athletic, and sweet. everyone wants to be his friend. girls will literally cry over him. even though he is a dummy he will make you smile for hours. literally perfect.
by dumdumdumdumddumdum January 3, 2021
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A real character. A bit of a wild card! Someone who is eccentric but has a heart of gold. Sly when they need to be. Often a papa looking out for his bois
"Damn Papa, you sure showed them! Lucky you're so wiley!"
by Dr. M. Toboggan September 17, 2020
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sik mc from Bow, east london, creator of eski/eskimo music! Part of the roll deep crew, (jamaka b, danny weed etc....). Songs include, reason, igloo, eskimo, treddin' on thin ice....
formely mates with Dizzee Rascal and used to be signed to the same label (XL) before walking out after "Pies" didn't reach the top 40.
"Treddin on thin ice, im at the end of my tether i'll be like this forever" - Treddin on thin ice
"I know you hate me coz u think i write lyrics and i aim them at your crew, c'mon blud thats not true" - reason
by DJ Skippy November 26, 2004
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Getting extremely wild.

One level higher than getting wild.

Can be used to describe a night of blackout drinking on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or any day you get wiley.
1) Im about to get wiley tonight!

2) Last night I got wiley and tore apart the bar.

3) Everyone at the Mifflin Street Block party in Madison got wiley.
by Bucky Bad May 4, 2010
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