The game winning play by the Philadelphia Eagles that Tom Brady couldn't pull off to win Super bowl 2018.
It sent Tom Brady to the pit of misery.
Should we run Philly Philly. Ya go for it.
by kipkip85 February 13, 2018
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Where people from Pennsylvania say they're from but they really live 20-60 minutes away.
"Aye yo! Where you from cuz?"
"I'm from Philly yo."
"No you aint"
"True, true I'm from Bristol ahah!"
by TheDigitalCookie January 31, 2017
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A Philly guy is on a whole other level of life. He’s beyond extra, he’s extra extra for no reason. Needs no one’s approval. He’ll always show up to show out!!
Did you see that man over there?

I sure did! That dude was so Philly, man did you see that coat?
by staces_mom January 31, 2019
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"Philly has some of the meanest graff on the planet."
by Eric Fischman January 15, 2003
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a type of cigar/blunt
come in all flavors....strawberry,sour apple,peach,mango,coconut and much more!
roll the Phillie so we can blaze!
by Sean aka masta blunt roller April 17, 2006
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A brand of cheap, convenience store cigar which, when emptied of its tobacco contents, makes a perfect wrap for a long, joint-like marijuana cigar called a "blunt."
"You're sleepin son; hit that philly."
by Eric Fischman January 15, 2003
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