Finding relevant information on Wikipedia.
I've Wiki'd Italy and it is a country.
by vanderplonk September 14, 2007
The act of using Wikipedia to gain knowledge on a subject.
Owned bitch I wiki'd that shit.
by IWorshipTheDevil November 23, 2009
To quickly look over information on or about something with the use of Wikipedia.
I know all about polar bears' digestive tracks after i wiki'd it.
by John Freemand February 21, 2010
This expression is used when a person has an amazing knowledge of random stuff. Variation of 'wicked awesome'. Yes, its very nerdy...
Person A: What was that band, you know, that released that song back in '98?
Person B: Ohh..., that was Marilyn Manson with 'the dope show'.
Person A: How did you know that??!! Man, you are wiki'd awesome!
by TehFutureIsNow March 17, 2007