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A young white person who isn't in highschool yet, who dresses like a Wigger. They are usually mean, ill tempered little demons, who like to disrupt class and bully people on the playground. They form little migratory groups in the lunch room and outside. You can usually run into them on Route 22 in Eastchester in the tall grass.
A Wigglet is the pre-evolved form of a Wigger.
by William T. September 23, 2005
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A small white child usually under the age of 13 who listens to rap music and believes he is black. May be seen on the Jersey Shore boardwalks in the company of prostatots. See also poser.
Damn look at that little wigglet with his oversized Jay-z shirt.
by Ghawazi July 31, 2005
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A very cute white person, usually of female gender who thinks they're ghetto because they grew up on the outskirts of the inner city and hung out in between the right and wrong side of the tracks, you can recognize them from their love of rap music, horrible and comformative top five rapper doa list, Jordans over Jesus attitude, crippling pot addiction, beliefs in all types of wacky conspiracies especially illuminati,and mr.magoo naiveness, they are sweet at heart and usually end up finding the one who helps them find the light and assists them in seeing the truth in turn living happily ever after, until then they get by on good looks and nonsense despite their intelligence.
Tina that little wigglet gets paranoid after watching illuminati videos on YouTube, while listening to 2pac and smoking a bowl of backyard babbage.
by reyraylecter83 January 29, 2015
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