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Noun - one who is unable to form an argument without excessive references to Wikipedia.
*blogger posts article full of Wikipedia links*

by SpidermansSexDen January 08, 2014
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George W Bush. Walker the Idiot = WIDIOT. Thats the most popular reference to the word widiot. But even before Walker started proving himself as the Idiot, in 1998, a techie from India with a name starting with 'W' found that about himself. Frustrated by not being able to create a good username for himself, he ended up creating widiot on yahoo. He called himself W****, The Idiot. Apart from the above Widiot has been used as nick names by hackers and gamers. Also, in a few circles, the word moron is replaced by 'widiot'. A slightly close reference is 'WIDOT' wich stands for "Wisconsin Department of Transport". Mainly, Widiot stands for W_______ the Idiot. and the most popular Widiot is George W Bush.
The most popular Widiot is George Walker (W the IDIOT) Bush.
by Wasim July 18, 2005
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Also used as an affectionate term to describe people from the town of Widnes.Well known for their lack of intelligence,they are often referred to as being "Wids"."
A "wid"+"idiot" combines to make them a "widiot"
by Wannabewidiot March 26, 2007
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An affectionate term for someone that has done something stuped or silly. Normall only used for people you know.
When someone who isn't acculy stuped, dose something sill or dumb, and you dont wont to be meen, you could say. O you widiot!
by BEV051 January 04, 2010
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Term used in the legal field to describe a witness who is an "idiot". Used affectionately, of course.
Sadly we lost at trial yesterday because our witness was a widiot.
by LegalSmartAss August 18, 2010
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