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an alternative pronounciation of the name George, a Whorehey is often rupulsive and has a unique mustache, some might have a squiggly mouth smile. Check their Facebook account and they will have awful pictures of themselves
Girl 1: Hahaha look at Whorehey
Girl 2: EWWWW hahaha he looks repulsive
by The All Knowing Kid November 19, 2011
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A nickname often given to smartass/cocky firefighting, crime stopping, life saving, player thugs who look mexican but adamently deny any mexican heritage, annerythinlikat.
Whorehey! You dirty mexican; stop talking shit and flirting with those girls! Get over here and start CPR annerythinlikat.
by Annerythinlikat January 12, 2007
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A fat redheaded Juggalo covered in freckles with a big raggedy beard. Probably has lip and/or septum piercings like its 2010. Most likely smells of stale Pall Mall full flavors. Feels compelled to comment on every single female that walks by. Had sex with a hottie once, now thinks hes a ladies man. Hideous.
Look at that Whorehey taking whip-it's in his clown wagon. God, the ladies must love him.
by DanielleBangsJason July 06, 2016
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