Slang for whores (pronounced hoos).
These fuckin whoos. They’re all the same out there.
by stooch182 December 13, 2019
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You know whoo whoo but thats only in the morning . . . its like an alarm clock people should be up making breakfast. WHOO WHOO!
by boswic September 22, 2004
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slang/term to go smoke good weed
Paul: Hey Garry lets go whoo it.
Garry: For sure do you even gotta ask lets go smoke dat killer kush.
by Garry Josan January 06, 2009
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What is said when one has something amazing or scary happen to them.


(Eh hehe)
by Marko Ballantyne August 07, 2004
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Damn that Whoo! Elixirs drink was fiah, where'd you get it??? Idk man i know a guy that knows a guy.
Whoo! weeee that shit is dank!
by theguyonthecouch420 July 11, 2021
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