Extremely tired, pooped, or slumped.
Hey guys, I had so much sex last night. I’m whooped as fuck.
by Grandle August 18, 2020
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What happened to me after my mom saw my search history
Jimmy - Man if you do that one more time ill have mom take care of you again
Timmy - Please don't, i really dont want to get Whooped again
by Classy Lions fan October 16, 2021
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To be sarcastically drained so much that you are physically shook
Shane was whooped when he saw the grade he received on his science test
by Olivelover123 February 9, 2017
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Stop being whooped by your girlfriend and come to Cafe Mozart with us tonight to get hammered.
by CCHI February 13, 2009
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the universal call of tha Juggalos!
to get a ninja's/juggalo's attention, yell out "Whoop-Whoop!". this term is universal. the same language doesn't even have to be known.
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
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An expression of sheer excitement at an event that was already passed or is yet to be experienced.
Gonna get me a bottle of Blue, whoop whoop
by TheCoon89 April 20, 2011
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