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An ironic exclamation of approval or pleasure in an event in which the observer is actually bored or unimpressed.
Him: Hey! If we hurry and get back to my place by eleven, we can still catch The Simpsons!

Her: Whoop Dee Doo!!
by SimpleSpyman March 27, 2008
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A sarcastic way to express joy or pleasure, when truly your feeling the exact opposite.
Him: So what? We played a video game for four hours straight, and achieved nothing but a headache and a worthless achievement. Whoop Dee Doo.
by KinoFire September 13, 2016
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1. A term expressing joy or excitement about something.

2. Used sarcastically, means the exact opposite.

3. To give a- To care about something, usu. used in place of "fuck".
-Hey, isn't that the guy who played cadet #3 in Star Trek 2?

-Whoopdee Doo.
by Basilisk December 15, 2004
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when fucking a girl in the ass, the man spits on her back, when she turns around, the man cremes on her face.
I pulled a whoop-dee-doo on your grandma last night.
by cameronistough October 14, 2005
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