A sarcastic way to express joy or pleasure, when truly your feeling the exact opposite.
Him: So what? We played a video game for four hours straight, and achieved nothing but a headache and a worthless achievement. Whoop Dee Doo.
by KinoFire September 13, 2016
An ironic exclamation of approval or pleasure in an event in which the observer is actually bored or unimpressed.
Him: Hey! If we hurry and get back to my place by eleven, we can still catch The Simpsons!

Her: Whoop Dee Doo!!
by SimpleSpyman March 27, 2008
A phrase used when you show someone the method you murdered somebody with, and you kill them with it.
Demoman: I did it like this!
Demoman: (kills sniper) Whoop dee doo!
by Metrocop October 28, 2020
when fucking a girl in the ass, the man spits on her back, when she turns around, the man cremes on her face.
I pulled a whoop-dee-doo on your grandma last night.
by cameronistough October 14, 2005
Homie 1: “Finally got a BMW, shits all over your Holden Commodore

Homie 2: “Whoop-dee fucking-doo”
by Lucifer is my bitch October 13, 2021
another term for "I don't really give a shit" - meaning you don't really care
"Did you know that Sharons Mothers next door neighbours nephew won the Lottery?"

"Whoop Dee Fucking Doo!"
by E Mayler August 22, 2008
A variation of whoopdeedoo, except a lot more harsh and sarcastic. When someone says something that has no point whatsoever use this word. This word is pronouced the way it is written.
"I have a dollar" says Vincent
"Whoop-dee-fucking-doo" says Patrick
by Pateb Serasleb May 18, 2004