Man A:Honks his horn as he drives by
Man B:Who is he?!?!(he knows Man A)
by Houndog May 10, 2007
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Who'd she refers to the action of doing something out of character.
For example, If you suddenly do the assignment you were procrastinating on you could exclaim. 'Who's she/he?'
Or if it is really unexpected you could exclaim 'who IS she/he'
by Ben R Over October 12, 2018
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If he isn’t is, then he was.
Ryan: Man I’m talkin’ bout dayt boy Bryce.

Dylan: Who he was?
by dduunn March 24, 2021
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when a boy leaves you on delivered for over 10 hours and you are fed up with them thinking they are superior when they're 4'9.
"um who does he think he is?? not him leaving me on delivered for 13 hours please what else is he doing?"
by miagmnn January 19, 2021
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Trey is just a selfish arrogant guy, yes he is good musically but he really thinks who he is!
by BillyT903 May 18, 2006
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Someone who does not believe in regular bathing, or, a person whose body odor develops before they can bathe again. Also a good insult for somebody you dislike that is in either of the former categories above.
by RatchetBoo June 4, 2003
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