Never ask this question, if you ask this question you’re going to get annihilated, as the person will usually respond with “Joe Mama” which will give a heart attack to the person who asked.
Peter Griffin Who is Joe?
Barack Obama Joe Mama!
Peter Griffin *fucking dies*
Barack Obama *default dance*
by LordForkSquad August 5, 2019
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Dude you know good and well who the frick Joe is
Me: Hey, I was with Joe last night.
Friend: Who is Joe?
Friend: *slowly dies of massive annihilation*
by slikandsmoothcrimanal October 23, 2019
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“Who is joe”
by Fsg flurr August 30, 2019
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Something you should never say to a gamer. If you do you will regret it.
Bob: Did you see what Joe did today?

Phil: Who is Joe?

by axLe Legend YT October 17, 2019
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When someone asks "Who is Joe?" the respondent will usually reply with "Joe Momma". However, on very rare occasions, the respondent will reply with "Joerock Obama", upon hearing this word the questioner and the respondent will immediately shit and piss them self.
Pewdiepie "Who is Joe?"

Cr1tikal "Joerock Obama"

Pewdiepie: *Immediately shits and pisses self"

Cr1tikal: *also immediately shits and pisses self"
by Phinlorian November 20, 2020
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If you ask this question who will die.
Brother: Spell ICUP
You: J-O-E
Brother: Who is Joe
You:*default dances*
by JoeMama098 October 21, 2019
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