A smart, funny, nice, Christian guy that loves to watch movies, eat, and be with friends. He loves to sing, act, and just be on the stage in general. Finds joy from helping others.
Wow that Whitten is so sweet. I’m so glad to have him as a friend.
by HTHivudiwkwdi9385 April 29, 2019
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The act of baking a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting with your grandmother, then shoving it in her vagina, make her lay on her back, spread her legs, and sit there with your mouth open as she queefs it into your mouth.
Ryan: Hey guys, guess what me and my grandmother just performed?!

Friends: What?!

Ryan: A Grandma Whitten!!

by Bthibs October 19, 2011
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(1) When you fuck up beyond belief, you get handed a major L, or do something super fiend-like.

(2) When someone's life is one big L
"You spilled my drink you Chandy Paul Whitten"

"I feel bad for that guy. Hes a Chandy Paul Whitten"
by Nameyoullneverknow May 29, 2017
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Someone’s who is a dumba$$, and a nigger who uses you.
Elijah Whitten used him for money
by Zackzzzzz May 27, 2018
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