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While making a sunday in Whitehall, Montana, a waitress wondered if the whipped cream nozzle might fit up her asshole. She blew a cold cloud of Reddiwip up herself, but when it melted,

it ran down her leg like she’d pulled a

train at the 4-H Club, and she got “canned.” But her boyfriend wasn’t upset at all.

To do a white cloud, also known as a Whitehall or a milk river, sray a cold load of whipped cream up your partner’s asshole, remembering to shake well first. Then, suck it out, or wait till it liquifies and enjoy the milky river.
His girlfriend gave him a white cloud, but it was so cold his asshole went numb.
by Goofnut December 11, 2017
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White Cloud, a spiritual location in New Zealand. A haven for patriotic New Zealanders (and foreign guests) who disagree with the governments policy on Krang. Well known for producing clouds of 'oh so sweet' smelling white smoke which drift above New Zealand.
This is one of the reasons the indigenous population refers to New Zealand as the land of the Long White Cloud.
Also named after the spottle 'White Cloud' which lived in the freezer at this location.
K: Yo lets go back to the White Cloud!
A: Knives on! Where is the white cloud?
K: He is in the freezer
A: Of course he is
by Senior Baldig April 20, 2007
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Process of inhaling a coke fart out of an anus, after being administered from the mouth through a straw.
I took the biggest white cloud out of that strippers ass last night!
by J-Speezy January 05, 2018
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