When white people in the south blame white people in the north for the KKK and slavery because their racist past makes them feel guilt. Then they turn around and say how horrible Abraham Lincoln is for starting the War of Northern Aggression and hang a Confederate flag on their porch
“I think there was a cachet about having an African-American president because of white guilt.” - Bachmann explaining why all the northern states voted for Obama because they feel bad for starting the KKK and slavery and opposed civil rights
by Champion of Truthiness March 27, 2014
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Hi, I'm Jamima, I'm a white saviour who gets offended on behalf of another race and I want to cancel culture on behalf of the black people. My ideologies stem from white guilt.
by Mellon Collie April 27, 2021
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Used by ignorant whites, as an insult in U.S.A. which is aimed at White Liberals who recognize the history of America.
The facts are:
the White European people since the beginning of white, have consistently destroyed the lives of countless non-white people for monetary gain and committed astrocieties far beyond that which the majority of ALL people would agree are heinous.

This includes:

The eviction and/or slaughter of the indigenous people of North America,and the theft of their land, which has yet to be paid for by their descendants, despite them being aware they are living on stolen land.
The kidnapping, torture, imprisonment, enslavement, buying and selling of, up to and including murder of thousands upon thousands African souls, for the purpose of monetary gain including the building of this entire country through an estimated $300 billion dollars of forced labor. No justice has been afforded the descendants of these enslaved, tortured, and murdered peoples.
Currently as of 2019 the Descendants of the White murderers are living on the ill gotten land as it has been passed down for generations to the Murser's children and children's children.
Currently, as of 2019 the descendants of the Slaves of North America are treated as second class citizens and all reasonable justice has yet to be served. The descendants are killed and prisoned unfairly by law enforcement officials. The Slave people's descendants are currently still owed $300 billion dollars in back payment
Praise Jesus that I ain't got no white guilt. Them coloreds is jus lazy. I ain't a paying for no public school in the ghetto
by Be for real or beefaroni January 27, 2019
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1) Something that only non-racist whites experience.

2) When white person is ashamed of being white due to association with racism and discrimination that white people as race are source of.
A lot of white Black Lives Matter members experience White Guilt to their association with White People
by dasdenz June 2, 2017
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The truth, because they stole everyone else's culture.
White boy: Why do I feel inferior to everyone else, even though we stole everything from the rest of the world and cliamed it for ourselves. We even live in caves while the rest of the world (people of color) were advancing in technology, music, science, etc., so we had to steal their culture because actually, our brain can only think to steal, kill, and destroy!
Person of Color: That's called white guilt!
by cassidymac June 24, 2009
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What we white people, contrary to what the degenarate soc-med culture thinks, don't exactly seem to have.
how dare the media define white guilt for me? I can do it on my own.
by Sexydimma June 5, 2021
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a term only used by white racists, applied towards other white people who challenge their worldview by suggesting that racism still exists and/or is bad for some reason.

Essentially a sanitized version of "nigger lover".
"You don't think it's funny when I call it James Earl Ray day? Feeling a little white guilt, are you?"
by Rollove April 25, 2010
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