Any person who is not at least 7/8 white aka Indo-European or Caucasian, as long as the other 1/8 does not include black aka Sub-Saharan African. But may include East Asian and/or Native American aka Amerindian.

Any person who is not at least 15/16 white, if the other 1/16 includes black. Although the "one drop" rule includes any black ancestry, it is difficult to enforce after five generations, especially if the black ancestor is not straight maternal.

People of color include blacks, Asians, and Native Americans.
Homer Plessy was 1/8 black and therefore had to use "colored" facilities in the Segregated South. Mr. Plessy was a Person of Color.

Thomas Jefferson's slave concubine was 3/4 white, but since her maternal grandmother was black and a slave, she was also a black slave. The children that she bore with Jefferson were 7/8 white, but they were legally black slaves.

"Color" is rinsed after five generations if it is black and four generations if it is Asian and/or Native American.
by Texas Man August 25, 2016
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A Person of Color is the opposite of a Person of Noncolor. A largely confusing and inaccurate term, as one of the colors the term describes, is in fact, similarly to the noncolor, not a color at all.

There are those who believe one or both of the noncolors are in fact colors. Therefore, you should make sure which definition is being used before addressing someone, so that you don't risk offending the person.
Could you please give this envelope to the Person of Color over there. It's the one who is standing next to the Person of Noncolor.
by Petmakmak December 21, 2018
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A black albino, suspected of, but not charged with, a crime.
While not officially charged, Te'quan (an African American Albino) is considered a person of interesting color.
by What's Left of Dr Jazz June 29, 2008
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