A White Mexican is a Mexican of Predominantly European Descent. Most of their ancestors arrived during the colonial period but a further hundreds of thousands have since then immigrated. The largest European contributor in Mexico are the Spanish, followed by the French and then German/Italians/Greeks/Russians/Polish etc. It is estimated by some sources that 20% of Mexico's population is White.
Guy; Are you Italian?
Girl; No, im Mexican!
Guy; WOW, really?
Girl; Yes!
Guy; I though you were White!
Girl; I am, I am a White Mexican!!!
by Koloffon October 12, 2011
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All these definitions are ignorant. A White Mexican is a Mexican citizen of predominantly European descent. There are White people all over the Americas and not just in the USA.
White Mexican - Santiago Creel, Vicente Fox, Guillermo del Toro, etc.
by Sky High@1 June 21, 2010
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A light skinned Mexican with yellow or pink undertones and dominant European features. Might have one semi mixed parent, but the other parent is a pure white Mexican, Criollo or Spanish. A white Mexican is also known as a Castizo Mexican, who resembles a pure white European, and might have very little, hidden Indian mix. White Mexicans are lighter than Mestizos and have long narrow heads, smaller facial features and have sharp noses. White Mexicans might have lighter eyes, but not always.

White Mexican women can usually get away with light colored hair, because it compliments their European features.

Most Mexican nationals prefer White Mexicans because there is a underlying racist attitude towards dark Mestizo and Indian people within the Mexican nation.
mexican girl: My cousin dyed her hair a really light brown/blonde
mexican girl #2: but it looks good, you can't tell its not her real color
mexican girl: yeah, she is a White Mexican, and looks like a European anyway.
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish October 28, 2013
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Mexicans that are predominantly of European Descent usually from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, etc. Most live in the Northern and Western parts of Mexico such as Guadlajara and Monterrey. They are pretty hot looking people and heck Mexico needs more of them. They make up 20-30% of Mexico's population. They even live in the cleaner and richer parts of Mexico.
"Hello Fellow American Tourist!"
"No Im a native here to México!"
"Perdon pense que eras Americano, there really are alot of White Mexican people up here"
by AMLO>Trump December 31, 2019
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Is a person of full or predominantly European descent. Their physical appearance is similar or very close to a Southern European due to most of them having Spanish ancestry. Some of them can be very Nordic looking like the typical White Anglo person of British descent, but the majority of White Mexicans are like their Iberian counterparts in terms of facial features and skin complexion. They usually have more of a Mediterranean phenotype with dark/Black hair, pale-olive skin, and hazel-brown eyes (Though the most common color of eyes in White Mexicans is light brown like the Spaniards). They also usually can grow easily facial hair and tend to have hairy bodies. Many of these White Mexicans don't actually have the need to migrate to the US due to being part of the high or middle class society of Mexico, but the ones that do migrate to the US are usually distinguishable from the typical Mestizo or Indo-Mestizo people that usually migrate to the US.... as they have more of European appearance and usually they get mistaken for Italians or Greeks... it's usually the case with people that have more European ancestry like the Harnizos (2/3 White/European), Castizos (3/4 White/European) or Criollos (7/8 or more White/European).... who might still have some Native Indigenous blood in them but have more of European ancestry therefore look mostly European/White and can pass as White in the US even if ignorant people in the US don't consider them White due to their hispanic background.
Person 1: That guy looks Italian.

Person 2: No, he's Mexican

Person 1: Really, I though he has White because he looks Italian.

Person 2: Well, it's because he is White Mexican.
by White muscular Mexican December 7, 2019
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A similar drink to a White Russian (vodka, coffee liqueur and cream) only Horchata is substituted for the cream.
"Hey bartender, pour me a White Mexican".
by bkdeux September 10, 2009
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A Alias for our leader Don Hock while his is on espionage missions in the enemy territory of Aloysius. He is our leader, and he is the living reincarnation of our god, Juan.
Facist: Where is Don Hock?
POW/Rape Victim: Um... he's definatly not White Mexican...
Facist: Um... O.K.
POW/Rape Victim: ...dumbass....
Facist: That will be 1000 but-fucks!
POW/ Rape Victim: Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Mike November 13, 2004
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