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A charming male, usually around 6'6", that has been blessed with irresistible looks. Usually has eyes that are so deeply blue you could drown in them, facial hair that's as soft as a pillow, and posseses a tranquil personality. Throughout recent years, scientist have studied closely the likelihood of being born with White Boy Syndrom (commonly abbreviated as WBS). They've concluded that out of the current world population, which is currently estimated to be roughly around 7 billion, that only one adult male residing in southern California has been diagnosed with this WBS. Wayne Rogers is his name. When scientist first discovered Wayne they were in awe. "Goddamn, this man right here is a gift from God" - Scientist.
Oh em gee!! That tall groomer over there is so hawt!!!! He totally has white boy Syndrome 😍
by Diagnosed with WBS September 17, 2019
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White Boy Syndrome - A state of mind that finds one attracted to only caucasian males with stereotypical characteristics such as blue or green eyes, blonde or brunette coloured hair, a jawline more structured than one's own life, a hint of a beard (or in some cases, full on Chewbacca faces) and an overly-emotional side that tends to come out at night, preferably under the stars.

In some rare occasions, the object of attraction may be an ordinary caucasian with no striking features, but caucasian nonetheless.
"Oh my God, he's so cute!"

"Who, that blonde guy?"


"Eh. He's okay I guess."

"OH MY GOD! LOOK! There's another one beside that Volkswagen!"

"The brunette?"


"Honey, you've got a SERIOUS case of the White Boy Syndrome."

"I do not ha-- Lawd have mercy that one has BLUE EYES!"

*Sighs deeply* "C'mon, time to go."

"But he was just about to smile!"
by PopMyCherry April 15, 2016
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