Whipster 1: Yo, wanna get a stickey bun from Stickey Fingers Vegan Bakery then bike over to Wonderland for some Delerium?

Whipster 2: Absolutely! But I need to stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a new turkey baster first...

by CH Godmutha December 14, 2008
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A common name for someone with an obsession with whipped cream.

Not to be confused with Whipper Poopie.
Bill: I see Bobs likes his cream.
Dan: You mean whipster likes his cream.
by YeModestMustache June 15, 2011
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Young children trained in the art of the dance move known as "whipping". These kids also have a unique taste in apparel, such has multiple hats stacked on their head, gold chains, tight pink exercise pants, floral timberland shoes, and just the largest, baggiest, t-shirt ever. But damn, these kids can whip.
Douchebag: So, you think you can whip as good as me and my fucking squad, huh Billie?
Billie: Damn right. (Now watch me whip, now watch me nae nae, now watch me whip whip)
Kid #1: Eyyyyyy!
Kid #2: Ohhh fuck
Kid #3: We got a motherfuckin whipster right here!
Billie: *smacks Douchebag's hat off* Damn straight.
by Talfiro August 06, 2015
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"My friend Ivan doesnt want to watch game of thrones because hes afraid he might like it which wouldnt be "hip" because everybody else likes it...therefore hes a whipster"
by Jayjay7 June 11, 2015
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As defined on the blog “Sexless in the City,” a whipster is a West Coast hipster. He conveys a kind of style-savvy cool, but is without both the metrosexual prissiness of a certain type of New York man and the avant-garde pretensions of the aspiring hipster. This is the kind of man only L.A. could breed: the guy with unabashed rock-star envy — in that Matchbox 20 kind of way.

The hair is what gives him away. The top — usually blond — is sculpted into a studied muss of short and manly waves (this works best if the hair in question tends to curl or even ’fro at longer lengths) cemented in place with mondo amounts of product. The face beneath is clean-shaven, except for a strategically cultivated tuft groomed to adorn the curve of an otherwise stubble-free chin.
“Man, when I was out in Arizona last weekend, I couldn’t believe all the whipsters around. Is precision shaving some kind of competition sport out there?!!”
by Anna Broadway November 12, 2004
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