clean or dry (something) by rubbing its surface with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one's hand.

An act of Whiping
Samantha: Wipe
Sonny: No it’s Whipe
by SonnyD._ July 15, 2018
when your significant other has you in "love" so bad that you will do anything to be with them, especialy ditch your closest friends. when someone you know is becoming whiped, please do him/her a favor and stop it. (also see MOUKY)
mauricio: yo andrew lets play some CS!
andrew: ok ill be there in 5 min.
(4 hours later ryan calls)
mauricio: dude where are you?
andrew: umm...(insert bulshit excuse)
mauricio: ur fucking whiped
andrew: NO IM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
by mauricio alvarez LOL July 13, 2006
When your girlfriend or boyfriend has you so into him or her he can get you to do whatevr he or she wants. Its not cool 2 b friends with someone who is whiped because then they are always ditching you to hang out with there lover. Also see pussy whiped.. when your friend is whiped u can make the sound a whipe maked to make fun of them.. very funny
Greg: OMG eric your so whiped... WWWWCH (lol thats the whip noise hard to spell)
Eric: SHut the fuck up greg
Zachy: oh eric u get so mad its funny
Eric: how bout i hit u in the face zachy
by Eric/ Greg October 28, 2004
to whipe out. (wipe out) but in the context of a hard effing, uncontrollable fall.
by tyler yee October 9, 2007
When you got a guy or gurl to meat your every demand!
God i got Ricky whiped big time!
by Courash February 20, 2005
same as wipe, to go from an under to up position on your butt crack
But I whipe my own ass
I whipe my own ass
by Ender July 23, 2003
another word for wipe, means to use your damn hand from an up and under motion on your butt crack
But I whipe my own ass
I whipe my own ass
by Ender July 23, 2003