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A look into the future through the eyes of English writer Aldous Huxley. Aside from being a good book, it is also of note for the amount of correct predictions he made that have already come true.
Soma is what they would take when hard times opened their eyes.
by Ender May 30, 2004

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JKD or Jeet Kune Do was founded by the late Bruce Lee. JKD is also known as Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jun Fan being Bruce Lees chinese name. Jeet Kune Do means "the way of the intercepting fist" but even Bruce thought that he chose the name to early. JKD favors formlessness for being formless means that one can take the shape of any Martial Art.
by Ender November 05, 2003

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a) n. Any form of breakfast cereal (preferably with marshmallows) with beer being substituted for the milk.

b) n. Nickname for Wayne as a direct result of previous definition
I had beereal and toast for breakfast
by Ender November 04, 2003

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Acronym: For No Apparent Reason
by Ender November 04, 2003

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A film that may have been Super-Violent When it came out but is mild by today's standards. May induce sadistic pleasue at seeing the Droogs beat up hobos and randomly rape people.
Man, A Clockwork Orange was great!
by Ender December 14, 2003

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In Jeet Kune Do one has four fighting distances: Kicking range, punching range, trapping range and grappling range. Very few Martial Arts have these many. Usually they only have 2 or 3 ranges. The one inch punch is used in the trapping range. In trapping range you are too close for a kick and too close for a western boxing punch. It's short and very explosive and it doesn't have to be "loaded" to make damage. One needs to train very hard to get it right. I have been training Jeet kune do for about four years now and I say its about speed and timing.
by Ender November 05, 2003

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Something surprising and often of interest. Generally said with a british accent for effect.
"Hey check out this new gadget."
"Oh, whacko."
by Ender April 11, 2004

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