One who complains, moans, bitches, or is an all around annoying dramatic pussy.
Anyone who attends, is affiliated with, or pulls for the university of north carolina at chapel hill. If you fall under this category, you're a whiny little pussy bitch. What a whiny bitch you are...
by haterofwhinybitches January 28, 2010
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There are several whiny bitches on Logical Gamers.
Whiny bitch is a person who bitches at people for doing something right, because they doesnt know any better.
Whiny Bitch: Jimmy Legand, bitches one second, kisses ass the next.
by LG Member January 29, 2009
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One who complains about Twitter on Twitter.
Karen told me, she's now on Mastodon, but she constantly checks Twitter, retweets complaints about the new owner and tells everyone that she's going to leave the platform for good very soon. She's a whiny bitch.
by cyb3rops November 20, 2022
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what a sensetive guy becomes if you dont talk to him and it makes him cry
warren's a dumbass so i ignored him and he became a whiny bitch
by jhwdld November 12, 2006
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a woman who thinks you want to hear about her boyfriend trouble, car trouble, work trouble, etc.
Dude! I already know your boyfriend is mean... SHUT UP YOU WHINY BITCH!
by Jimmy January 31, 2004
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