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A feeling, or moment, of extreme awe, disbelief, shock, and/or randomness.
Could be used as an Adjective or a noun.
1. Being so shocked your mind is just thinking "What the fuck".
2. Not believing that you have actually done something that is this amazing and/or someone else did.
3.Blank mind.
4. Something happenes very very very unexpectedly that leaves a lingering presence of "What-The-Fuckness"
by AnimeanomalyandTabbs May 26, 2010
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a term used to describe the what the fuckocity of a situation!
The "What the fuckness" in her eyes was priceless when she saw four midgets fucking a cow who was fellating a U.S. senator.
by Vincent Patrick February 25, 2008
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That void of time, usually after getting wasted or very high, where you don't remember a goddamn thing.
Sue: "Wow! I just checked my bank account and I spent over a hundred bucks at the bars last night!"

Alison: "How the fuck did you manage to do that? I'm broke too...what happened?"

Sue: "I haven't got a fucking clue. I remember up to a certain point and then everything after that is like one huge void of whatthefuck-ness."
by wastedone April 03, 2011
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