A phrase one tells another when they should be grateful they are receiving any form of attention from another
me: "ouch, why do you have to also scratch my face with your baby beard when we snuggle?"
you: "c'mon gurl, take what you get!"
me: "thank you sir, may I have another"
by GlazeHer April 22, 2015
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You stole and ate my two week old lunch from the employee refridgerator, That's what you get Larry...!!!
by lpyt2000 October 18, 2007
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When a job is done and the customer complains about problems bought from a third party and you don’t give a fuck, you would say, “well, you get what you get.”

Meaning: fuck you or what the fuck ever not my problem.
Customer: the bedroom tv has a broken screen from the store.
Salesman: did you buy it here?
Customer: anystoreyoiwant.com

Salesman: well, you get what you get. You didn’t buy it here.
by Goldenrain October 2, 2020
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It is shorthand for 'I may not be perfect, but I'll be making no efforts to improve, so be warned', in the same way that people used to say 'take me as you find me'
Guy 1: Dude, I fucked that chick that I met off of Facebook last night after seeing her hot pics.

Guy 2: Were her tits as big in person?

Guy 1: Hell yeah. What you see is what you get.
by DarrenHayes March 2, 2011
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green, funkyfunk, funkeefunkee, HERBal tea, dat primary concoction,
"what you get when you mix blue and yellow?"
"dat supa green"
"don't forget the red hairs"
by im glenjamin December 4, 2006
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A phrase that teachers use when students are being annoying because they didn't get the colour of a certain item they wanted.
Friend: "Gets 1 million dollars"
You: "Gets nothing"
You: "Teacher, why did my friend get a million dollars and I got nothing?"
by JustARandomPersonThatIsBored November 27, 2022
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