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Another way of saying "what?" or "pardon me"

Synonyms: what, pardon me, say that again, I beg your pardon, I'm sorry?
Person 1- (Says something unintelligible)
Person 2 - What's that?"
Person 1 - I said we should head back now.
Person 2- Oh, alright then
by scratchpiece January 22, 2011
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Something you say when you are embarrassed about something or trying to change the subject.
Adam: "So Dwain I heard you blew that guy last night."

Dwain: "What's that?"
by Brucist August 04, 2007
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1. Another way of saying "what did you just say?", or asking the speaker to repeat their previous statement, due to lack of volume or attention or volume.
Synonyms: Huh? What? Whu? What did you say?, say again?, you talkin' to me? etc.

2. The question asked by youtube haters, cyber thugs, and internet toughguys when they first see a girl naked at age 45.
1. Matt: "I heard Dave knocked out Bruce last night and took his dope."
Vinnie: (paying attention to something else) "What's that?"
Matt: "I said, I heard Dave knocked out Bruce last night and took his dope."

2. (Paid-up-front-hooker removes her panties before youtube hater)
45 year old Youtube Hater (pointing to the snooch): What's that?
by BHK on Vernor April 22, 2009
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1. Usually used to get an understanding of what someone is seeing. In most cases, the object in question is a face or an animal.
2. What people say when they just can't quite figure out what the hell their looking at.
by I Make Folks Cry August 22, 2011
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1. The initial response to a question from an individual who is not paying attention too you.
Michael do you have a minute ? Whats That!
via giphy
by MJH ALL DAY January 28, 2019
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as in, "what did you say?". sounds tough. Travis Bickle says it in Taxi Driver
Bob: Hey, Charlie.... you're a fucking douche bag
Charlie: What's that?
by Zak Hall February 05, 2005
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1. Overhang above fat above vagina
2. A question asked by a gay man who has never seen a vagina
by Ari Smell July 15, 2006
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