The word used only if you are confused or retarded.
your friend shows you a picture of something and you say, "what the what the what."
by Chen Den January 6, 2021
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Play on what the hell or WTF. Apparently coined by Tina Fey's Liz Lemon character on the tv sitcom 30 Rock. Somewhat sarcastic poke at tv language censor dubbing where over-dubbed audio often uses lame alternatives the actual swear word. What the fuck you motherfucker would be dubbed "What the frick you motherlover?!?"
Dude1: I just heard Michael Jackson died, Farrah Fawcett died and China blocked Twitter and Facebook. Too much! I can't believe it!
Dude2: Whao, what the what?!
by buckedchuck July 8, 2009
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Neck and neck. About the same. No real difference.
“Their skills were about what-and-what.
by Thomas Novak April 27, 2021
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When two things or options are the essentially the same.
Which car is better, a Nissan Sentra or Toyota Yaris? It's what is what.
by Billy From Gentilly November 6, 2017
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