Another methodation of greeting one another. In my humble opinion, it's much better than saying the basic "what's up" or even "hi", like are you lame or something? Don't be lame, use "what's goodie" as your next greeting.
You: Ayo what's goodie bro been a fat minute
Stranger: I don't even know you bro why're you talking to me
by karachiking December 14, 2021
Yo, what's goody son?

Not shit.

Yeah.... trying to roll a blunt?

by juhnlaaa June 29, 2009
1.) to ask what is going on

2.) to be updated on a situation
1.) Homeboy #1: "Whats Goody nigga i aint holla at you in a minute!"
Homeboy #2: "Im Goody nigga, where da whores at?"

2.) Yo #1: "Yo, Chris got hit by a car!"
Yo #2: "Aww Man, Whats Goody with him, is he aight?"
by RickeyBaltimore November 25, 2005
to ask someone what is going on, ex: whats up, hows it goin, whats good
Pikachu: Yo
Jadems: What's Goodies
Pikachu: nothin much just poosin
Jadems: True true
by Jimmy Schorn December 31, 2011
Introductory phrase that means what’s up or what’s going on. Used to spice up introductions and leave a creative impression.
Hey, what’s goody in the hoody? I never hear from you often.
by Profitking_123 April 16, 2019
Street Slang Meanin' What's Really Good?, What's Good?, What's Goodie?, What's Gucci?, What's Goy?, What's Up?, Whazz Up?, Whazzup?, Wassup?, Sup?, Sup Witchu?, Sup Witcha?, What's Goin' On?, What's Happenin'?, What's Hanninan?, How Are You Doin'?, How Yew Doin'?, How Are You?, How Yew?, How Are You Feelin'?, How Yew Feelin'?, What's Trendin'?, What's New With You?, What's New With Yew?, What's New Witchu? & What's New Witcha?
"Yo Killa!! What's Really Goodie? Zilch. Erstreet At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin', Ever Str8 Stuntin' & Ever Livin' Life Fully." - Erstreet Harlem aka Harlem, Flea, Kiery Weiry & Freshley.
by Hzr February 25, 2022