your lost for a second
what the fuck just happened????????
by (unknown) February 21, 2004
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Guy 1: dude I looked up a word and I thought, what the fuck?!?!
by Captainjnm November 21, 2018
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An expression most commonly used when you get confused.
What the fuck is happening are you guys doing in my bed?
by William June 5, 2004
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Say whenever the fuck you want. USually used to imply confusion. Also where, when, how, which the fuck.
What the fuck just happened?

Where the fuck did that fucker go?

When the fuck did he fuck her?

How the fuck did he convince her?

Which the fuck did he fuck?
by ASSHOLE! July 7, 2004
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The definition of what the fuck is confusion of why things exist slot of people say what the fuck out of anger or confusion or they may just be referencing that one vine
When I see the definitions to the urban dictionary I say what the fuck
by Ig:Alxx._.alxx March 24, 2018
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1. A more extreme version of what?, expressing anger or frustration.
2. A mantra recited by Counter-Strike players when their kill streak is broken.
1. What the fuck did my nigga just say to Cnote?!
2. Oh my god, cheater, hacker, what the fuck?? Leave now before the admin BANS you!
by Gorkwobbler September 17, 2004
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