When you're chilling and wifi gets cut off

Snapchat is not loading WHAT THE FUCK
by 420blazee October 11, 2018
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A state of having a ton of negative events pile up on you (ie failing a test, crashing a car, having to study for finals etc) and not caring as much as you should. A lot like being fucked and not caring (fucked in a bad way).
I think I just failed that chem test too. I am so what the fucked.
by so yeah this is mike sheu April 20, 2010
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Expression used when you see, hear or read something outrageous and completely out of line. Used mostly when the situation is awkward and confusing. And also when its just plain weird.
*phone rings*
guy A: *picks up phone* Hey, Maxwell here.
guy B: hey dude, do you know if you mom wears tampons?
guy A: what the fuck?! you mad?!
by I lyk pie I lyk chocolate milk January 13, 2008
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PewDiePie - *playing PUBG* What a fucking nigger. Jeez oh my god. What the fuck. Sorry but what the fuck.
by pseudoniac January 3, 2018
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When something is so indescribably stupid, failed, or disgusting, someone responds to it like this.
Usually on forums and teh internetz
bob: *posts gay Nintendo hentai*

john: what the fuck is this shit..?
by Link, the hero of time November 29, 2008
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