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A politically correct version of "What the Fuck" (WTF)β€”it makes one sound more refined, or like belonging to a higher caste, but it doesn't have the same oral or aural punch as WTF.
Uttering "What the heck," "What the hell," "What the shit," "What the fuck," and "What the hey" all sound like a therapeutic way to vent out frustration or release tension.
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by MathPlus April 22, 2017
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when you're confused/when things don't do your way
"what the heck, what the heck, what the heck what the heck what the heck" -Jane Doe
by Tammyrna March 28, 2017
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An sissy way of saying 'what the hell'.

An overused alternative way of saying 'what the hell', made popular by Georgians who feel the need to act like a 'peach'.

The phrase you will hear when you catch a couple playing dirty (ie third basing it on a clearly visible outdoors bench). Also the same phrase you will have in your mind when you first see them performing the action, and the last words you will be thinking of before you throw up all over your new shirt.
"Dude what the heck, I heard you tell other people that I say 'what the heck' a lot." What the heck.

What the heck, they saw us do it!
by jbaseball_freakk May 20, 2009
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