A term said only when when you are about to dominate someone or something. Also used to prove a point.
Joe:(about to kill a hoe) What Bitch. (Gunshot Fire)
by Joe Schmidt_15 January 10, 2011
A Football manuver similar to a stiff arm, the difference is the timing. A normal Siff arm occurs during a run, while a ball carier attempt so avoid being tackled. A What Bitch occurs after a player catches a pass and then punches his defender in the helmet, as if to say "What Bitch?!"
"Did you just see Jake? That was a sweet what bitch."
by 764255 October 23, 2006
similar to "what the hell" but with more awesomeness since I invented it

sometimes pronounced "what the Batch"

can be shortened to "WTB"
(2)like, what the batch...
by Tony P-C July 11, 2008
A term often applied to a situation worse than one you'd normally say "What the fuck!?" to.
You killed my family, blew up my car, and jizzed all over my bed!? WHAT THE BITCH?!
by Jeremy B November 21, 2003
Term of endearment among a group of friends. Used typically to say hello to a group of friends. Other forms are “Whatup bitches”.
by Digitaldeathalone February 16, 2018