oh 'whal' don't we?
by whal February 11, 2012
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A clown who used to be good at duel links in 2018 and simps for mukuro. Needs his machines, fishes, or fiends to do shit in any matchup or else hes steaming dogshit. Also calls a lot of meta shifts for some creepy ass reason.
"whal needs to fucking play duel links again and kog"
by The unweeaboo weeaboo June 29, 2021
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A 'Whals' wears socks in the fucking sea.
'That nigga whals wears socks in the sea, what a virgin'
by PzZelta August 30, 2017
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When you get extremely fat over the summer, even though you have a dad that's in the military and makes you run around and shit, by eating 20 pounds of beef in 2 minutes flat, and proceeding to clean the stock at the nearest MacDonalds, and also, become the virtual dungeon master.
by Simply February 10, 2005
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Ahhhh, the legendary Nar-Whal. This character was actually created by a JCCC artist who pictured it as a whale-like creature that had a giant unicorn-shaped "horn" at the front of its head, above its eyes. The "horn" is actually a very sensitive "feeling" organ that helps the creature to use it as a sixth sense to spot prey or danger by thrusting its "horn" upwards repeatedly like its about to jump, only to come crashing down violently and coming back up. Despite its bashful and friendly nature, when attacking or being under attack, its soft "horn" becomes a hardened shell of fury and has the force to cut a blue whale in half in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the creature can place its "horn" on an object or person and deduct its composition (what it's made of) or tell the very nature of a person. Legend has it that it most frequently appears when the world is out of balance and needs direction.
Captain: I have seen the Nar-Whal, me boi, but for the sake of yer life, don't provoke it.
Crew Member: Aye, sir.
by Quarter Cent March 12, 2011
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An amazing person who is usually skinny and very tall who can embrace their inner whale
Lauren your the most beautiful skinny whale ever
by Skinny whale January 6, 2017
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